Who decided that only password is forgettable? How about Usernames?

Opinion, User Experience

Since the first year I was on Internet, I’ve been kept wondering why there is never options like “forget your user name?” Why that all the administrators automatically assume that I could only forget my password but not my user name? Why?

The reality is that when I need to retreat log in information, 95% of the time I forgot the username instead of the password. I could always manage my passwords very well since there is no constrain in setting passwords. Your password wouldn’t be rejected because somebody else happens to use the same password. However setting user names usually does have many constrains. First of all, if it’s unique, which means if somebody has already used the string I wanted to use as my ID I would have to make up another name. Which is why I’m maintaining much less passwords than usernames at a time.

Plus, what I really hate is that when I request the “lost” password, I receive an email with the exact password just in plain text. Great, now everybody sees my password!

So, PLEASE, give us the right to forget username!!!!


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