Watch movies in 3D, or 2D?


The first 3D movie I’ve seen is Beowulf (the story is ok, 3D rendering is decent); the best 3D movie I’ve seen is Avatar (IMAX); the worst 3D movie I’ve see in Alice in Wonder Land (not so wild imagination, weak story and horrible 3D rendering thanks to which all the characters have their eyes popping out.) And after “Alice in Wonderland” I watched “Clash of the Titans” in 3D in the hope that 3D would enhance the experience.

The only thing that reminded me I was watching a 3D movie is the uncomfortable darkening over-sized plastic 3D glasses.

One of the reasons probably is that I was completely sucked into the story; Greek Mythology is one of my favorite topics. So, I couldn’t help wondering:

Would my experience be any different if I watched the movie in 2D?

Most likely, not!

The worst part is that after watching five 3D movies this year, I kinda stop seeing 3D effects! I mean I really have to remind myself to pay attention to the subtle depth. What’s the point?

That’s why I went to watch “Iron Man 2” in 2D and I didn’t regret a single second. What an exciting movie!It’s exceeded my very high expectation, especially with the shield of Captain America, precluding even more exciting movies.

I think I’ll stick to 2D movies for now.


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