iPhone OS 4 First impression – folders


Yesterday as soon as I knew the iPhone OS4 is available I upgraded my iPhone.

I LOVE it!

Not only now the background image is always there but also, most importantly, I can organize the applications into folders.

I love folders; I need to organize the stuff I downloaded from iTune. After only 4.5 weeks of using iPhone, I have already 8 pages without any categorization. Now, with folders, 3 pages.

iPhone000 iPhone003iPhone002iPhone004 iPhone005

How to create a folder

First enter the icon editing mode by pressing and holding one icon. Under this mode dragging one icon to another creates a folder. After that everything is very intuitive.

Creating, editing and using folders is so easy and intuitive it takes no time to get used to it. I like to name folders in Chinese since in my opinion Chinese as a language is much more concise and elegant. That’s how I keep the pages clean and neat.


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