From China: Apple lost Chinese market – Steve Jobs to be blamed

From China

Original article: 苹果错失中国市场 乔布斯应负全责

A board member of PC manufacturer Lenovo has said that Apple has missed the opportunity to explore the Chinese market. He blamed Steve Jobs.

Chuanzhi Liu 柳传志 said during an interview: “We are very lucky that Jobs shows no interest in China. If Apple pay as much attention to the Chinese users as we do we are in trouble.”

iPhone entered the Chinese market as early as October 2009. China Unicom as the only company that is allowed to sale iPhone in China published the sales figure in December 2009. As few as 100,000 iPhone were sold in comparison to 144 million users in the world. Chinese users are only 0.07% of the total users.

Although Apple and China Unicom is still in negotiation China Unicom so far is the only official sales channel of iPhone in China. The price of iPhone is from $730 to $1,020 which is way beyond that of iPhone in black market or some smart copies.

Limited to WAPI (Wired Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure) iPhone that is sold in China cannot have Wi-Fi feature. As a consequence iPhone must shut Wi-Fi to get permission to get into Chinese market. However, after the WAPI becomes more lenient, any device that has WAPI is allowed to have Wi-Fi feature.

Lenovo launched its new LePhone smart phone, the first smart phone from Lenovo. According to Mr. Liu, Lenovo’s products are designed specifically for the Chinese users; it’s definitely as competitive as iPhone.

Mr Liu also said: “It’s very realistic. iPhone has more than 100,000 content providers; we have only more than 1,000. However, our users feel that our applications are more usable.” Representatives of Apple have not responded to that statement yet.

As a listed company (00992.HK), Lenovo lately turned from loss to profit.


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