Photoshop CS5 amazing features: Content-Aware fill and Puppet Warp


I’ve bought CS5 as soon as it was available in the Netherlands. And I did not regret when I actually tried out the amazing features in just Photoshop CS5 alone. Here is an example of two great features: Content-Aware fill and Puppet Warp. I will demonstrate with a photo I took in Keukenhof in 2010.

The original:



Content-Aware Fill step 1: Select the object you want to “delete”

Use whatever method you’d like to roughly select an object. 1selected


Content-Aware Fill step 2: Fill with Content-Aware option on

Here is where the magic happens: Select from menu “Edit –> Fill…”



Content-Aware Fill result:

I admit the result is not perfect. But it’s certainly much better than I could add myself in hours. And now Photoshop calculates the probable background for me in just a second. Since I don’t really know what’s actually behind that tulip I accept the result.



Fine tune with Healing Brush:

After using Healing brush (175, 0% hardness) at two spots, the result is much more natural. If you’ve not seen the original photo you’ll be quite convinced. (it still looks bit strange which is due to the fact that our eyes tell us that “There should be a tulip” based on the formation of the other tulips.)




Ok, now Let’s take a look at a even more amazing feature: Puppet Warp

Now I want to “cut out” the tulip that I’ve removed and “bend” the tulip to the right as if it grows such way.


Puppet Warp step 1: “Cut out” the object to manipulate

This time select the contour of the tulip very carefully to make sure no background is selected.
Copy and paste the selected object to a new layer.



Puppet Warp step 2: Apply puppet warp to the cut out object

With the layer of the object selected go to menu “Edit –> Puppet Warp”



Puppet Warp step 3: Add anchor points to the warped object

Clicking anywhere on the mash leads to an anchor point.
The yellow dots with a black dot is the current selected anchor point.
You can select multiple anchor points by holding the Shift key.



Puppet Warp result:

When you have the warped “puppet” and a few anchor points you can manipulate the object to whatever shape you want. The charm of this feature is that it really mimics the nature. The movement is natural, organic and logical. In one word, it’s AMAZING.



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