Flash Player 10.1 – A descent Flash Player at last

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Today when I start up Windows (or Chrome, I’m not sure) a window popup informing me that there is a new Flash Player Plug-in available. In the update notes I see many enhancement, however, the one that attracts me the most is

a better memory management

Lately I am quite annoyed by the unexpected seemingly random APPCRASH of Flash Player. I think most of the times the APPCRASH I encountered caused by poor memory management. Of course it could very well caused by improper coding. Here is a website to test http://flashcrash.dempsky.org/. (Try it with Firefox if possible) It crashes earlier versions of Flash Player, but not Flash Player 10.1.

As to the memory problem, it’s pretty obvious. Just open a swf file via a standalone Flash Player and check the Task Manager…


The memory comparison between Flash Player 10.0x and Flash Player 10.1

I have a large swf file that contains many classes, loads lots of external files at launching, a good testing subject.

When using Flash Player 10.02 to launch the swf file, it eats up around 250 MB to begin with. Eventually it creeps up to 267MB and then crash…

When using Flash Player 10.1 however, the swf file “only” costs 112 MB at the beginning. And it stabilized at around 160 MB after hours. As a consequence, the Flash Player no long crashes (for now)

112 MB = 44.8% * 250

Big improvement, right?


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