Standalone Flash Player – Set the swf files to use the latest Flash Player

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One thing I find particularly un-user-friendly and uncomfortable is that when you add a new Flash Player, swf files or flash projects do not automatically use the latest version. You need to deliberately tell the swf files and flash projects to utilize the latest version of Flash Player (or any version you’d like). It’s not at all user-friendly!!

A very simple installer would fix the problem

It’s usually a hell to explain to my clients that they suppose to follow a tutorial to play the file I made for them. It’s ridiculous! It has become a liability issue for me.

First of all,

Standalone Flash Player and Flash Player plug-in for browsers is not the same thing!

You might have just update the Flash Player Plug-in for your browser. But it’s not the one that can play standalone flash format files (flash projects, AIR applications, FLEX applications, loose swf files and Flash Video, flv files). You need a standalone Flash Player! It’s a standalone application.

B.t.w. not distinguishing the name for Flash Player Plug-in and standalone Flash Player is the opposite of user-friendly. They are both called “Flash Player” which causes many unnecessary confusion in my opinion.

Here is the link for downloading the standalone Flash Players


Manually set the swf files to use the latest version

The whatever version of flashplayer_*.exe you’ve got is the Flash Player itself. It’s not a installer! So, there is no way for the operation system or swf files to know that there is a new Flash Player around.

You need to tell all the flash related files to use the new version of Flash Player

Right click a swf file –> Open with… –> Choose default program… –> locate the flashplayer_*.exe file manually and do not forget to check “Always use the selected program…”

Now you are finally all set.


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