Most “Scary” online experience

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I registered the other day on with an Gmail account.

Then this website knows everything about me! facebook account, twitter account, etc…!!! And it’s automatically linked, no further authentication whatsoever is needed. A Gmail account opens every door online! And what’s more is that when I checked “Twit this” there is a pop up window asking me if I was the owner of xxxxxx twitter account. I have two choices: either say “Yes, I am” and then directly go twit the article WITHOUT any further authentication; or say “No, I own a different one”. In my case the twitter account Google suggests is indeed the one owned by me.

However, if it’s not mine, can I just say “Yes” anyway and use it? I keep wondering…

I have to admit it’s very easy to use. I enjoy very much the seamless connection between all these applications. From usability point of view it’s the way it should be. As an interaction designer I praise this feature! I always hated multiple login to just do one simple thing. Especially every website sort of having their own criterion for user names and passwords. Most of the time I don’t remember my user name (often because the user name I want is already taken)

However, I just couldn’t help feeling creepy knowing that somewhere in some system(s) stores all the information about me! And the key to all the information is my Gmail account. That’s all you need to get to know everything about a person! Probably not just my name, birthday, recent 5 addresses, the top 100 most browed websites, my bank, the top 100 most contacted person, all my emails, etc. but also my behavior patterns, such as what is the peak hour for me to browse news? When and where do I usually do online shopping? How often do I check my email? How often do I take a vacation? Do I prefer city trip or beach holiday? etc.

If that doesn’t scare anybody what will?


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