Get Started with Xcode 6 Beta & Swift

Swift, Xcode

The Swift Programming Language

Free to download from iBooks

Tutorials are great, but if you want to understand every line of codes and the difference between Swift and other programming languages, reading the Swift reference book would be a good option.

All tutorials listed here are for Xcode 6 Beta 4 + Swift & 4 Beginners

Free Udemy course – Game

Learn to create a Flappy Bird like iOS game with Xcode 6 Beta + Swift.
This course is very much focused on step-by-step instructions.
If you want to understand all these lines of codes, read the Swift reference book.
Everything aside, it’s a lot of fun making it.   🙂
I’m an absolute beginner; if I can do it anyone can make it.
Go to the course


Picker View, written by Connor Hicks, from COHIX Web Development Inc. Thank you very much for this wonderful tutorial!
From this tutorial you will learn:

  • Create a single view App in Xcode 6 B1 with Swift
  • Get introduced to the user interface of Xcode 6 (not much, but enough to get started)
  • Build a Simple PickerView including:
    • Setup the delegate and data source for the picker view
    • Add an Outlet in the View Controller
    • Add necessary methods for the picker view to work
    • Run this simple App in iOS simulator

Video tutorial: The end result is pretty much the same, only method is slightly different.


Task List App (Tabbed Application)


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