Get start with Xcode 6 Beta, iOS simulator UI


This is only for absolute beginners just like me. Not for pros.

iOS simulator

(For iOS 10 Yosemite Beta)

Keyboard does not appear by default

To enable it:

  1. iOS Simulator -> Hardware -> Keyboard
  2. Uncheck “Connect Hardware Keyboard”

Xcode 6 Beta 4

(Some are for Xcode in general)

Let’s face it, although Xcode provide all the prefill of classes, it does not have the best user interface. In fact, I can write an essay about how bad it is. However, it’s the only choice

Show/Hide the Assistant editor

Showing the Assistant editor (where you can edit swift codes) is straightforward enough if you know where to click, the 2nd button from the left. However, to hide it, you need to press the 1st button from the left.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 20.48.47

Connect Element on the storyboard to swift files

It’s very easy to add element to storyboard and make it looks right. However, in order for them to work, you need to be able to specify them in swift files. You need to do that by:

  1. Right-click on one element, you will see a black popup window.
  2. Drag the classes you want to link to the icons on top of a ViewController like this:
  3. Now the dataSource class of this control is liked to “View Controller” swift file

It’s quite a cumbersome way to tie looks and behaviours together.
Personally, I believe there is a more elegant way to handle this.
Come on, Apple, you can do better!

Declare an empty Array

Old way:

var tasks = task[]()

New way

var tasks = [task]()

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