Access to Illustrator CC Preferences Files in Mac OS


Every online instruction would tell you to access this folder:
/Users/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator 17 Settings/en_US/Adobe Illustrator Prefs

Access Library folder

However, by default the “Library” folder is hidden.
At least two ways you can access this hidden folder without changing any system preferences:

  1. Simply type “Library” in Spotlight
  2. In Terminal type:
    Open Library

Find & Open the Preference File

In the now opened “Library” folder, you can find the “Adobe Illustrator Prefs” file under: “Preferences/Adobe Illustrator 17 Settings/xx_xx/” folder. If you have another version of Illustrator, well, just find the folder with your version number.
The “xx_xx” here is the language and country code. For example: “en_US“, “en_GB“, etc. That depends on the language you’ve chosen when you installed Illustrator.

Make sure you open the “Adobe Illustrator Prefs” file with a text editing tool (Right-click & choose a plain text editor). The default application for this file is Illustrator and you will only get a simple and also pretty useless dialog.



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