Setup direct access to tools in Terminal, Mac OS

Mac trick

I had just installed Android SDK I want to be able to execute adb directly from terminal without the hassle of typing all the path. That’s how to do it. Once you understand the method, you can add any other tools in the same way.


  1. First open Terminal app
  2. Enter the home directory
    cd ~/
  3. Create a “.bash_profile” file in the home directory
    touch .bash_profile
  4. Open “.bash_profile” file to edit it
    open -e .bash_profile
  5. Now with this file opened in a text edit, add the following line: In this example, let’s say my user name is “xxx“, I store the whole AndroidSDK bunch in “yyy” folder
    export PATH=$PATH:/Users/xxx/yyy/AndroidSDK/sdk/platform-tools/
  6. Save this file and close it
  7. Reload the .bash_profile file
    source ~/.bash_profile
  8. Now test if adb is successfully set into the path
    adb version

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