Easy fix of the annoying Chrome “Your profile cannot be used …” popup


I’m using a Mac. A weeks back, my Chrome started to popup three error popups every time I opened Chrome. It’s getting really annoying. The first popup you’d see is this:

Your profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of Google Chrome.

Some features may be unavailable. Please specify a different profile directory or use a newer version of Chrome.

It turns out that there is an easy fix which helped me.

  1. Go to: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default
  2. Delete this file: Web Data
  3. Restart Chrome
  4. You need to log in again
  5. Restart Chrome one more time, and it’s fixed.

Features are bugs in tux


Working in the IT section you are guaranteed to run into this cartoon at some stage:


It’s a pity that I can’t find out who is the original creator of this fantastic cartoon. My highest respect to the genius.

My first instinct is to call it:

Features are bugs in tux.

Now to make it worthy of the name, I modified it to this:


Illustrator CC: More or less than 10 items in “Open Recent Files” list


Open the “Adobe Illustrator Prefs” file with a plain text editor.

You need to right click the file and choose a plain text editor application for this file.
If you just double click, the system will use Illustrator to open it and you will only see a simple and pretty useless dialog.

(If you don’t know how to access to this file, please read my previous post: Access to Illustrator Preferences Files on Mac OS)

In the “Adobe Illustrator Prefs” file, search for:


The only thing you need to do is change the number to the right of this command AND save.
Logically if you change it to “0”, the application should stop storing any recent files.

Now restart Illustrator, you can see the number of recent files change.

Watch movies in 3D, or 2D?


The first 3D movie I’ve seen is Beowulf (the story is ok, 3D rendering is decent); the best 3D movie I’ve seen is Avatar (IMAX); the worst 3D movie I’ve see in Alice in Wonder Land (not so wild imagination, weak story and horrible 3D rendering thanks to which all the characters have their eyes popping out.) And after “Alice in Wonderland” I watched “Clash of the Titans” in 3D in the hope that 3D would enhance the experience.

The only thing that reminded me I was watching a 3D movie is the uncomfortable darkening over-sized plastic 3D glasses.

One of the reasons probably is that I was completely sucked into the story; Greek Mythology is one of my favorite topics. So, I couldn’t help wondering:

Would my experience be any different if I watched the movie in 2D?

Most likely, not!

The worst part is that after watching five 3D movies this year, I kinda stop seeing 3D effects! I mean I really have to remind myself to pay attention to the subtle depth. What’s the point?

That’s why I went to watch “Iron Man 2” in 2D and I didn’t regret a single second. What an exciting movie!It’s exceeded my very high expectation, especially with the shield of Captain America, precluding even more exciting movies.

I think I’ll stick to 2D movies for now.

Publishing on WordPress & Facebook, one button-click away


Finally, I start using facebook. Actually I am using Hyves.nl, in my opinion, the Dutch facebook, and my very few friends on Hyves seem to be the only one read my posts and leave comments (at least currently). So, now I am, on facebook.

I Just discovered a very easy-to-use plug-in (Windows Live Writer plug-in) that automatically adds a newly published WordPress blog to facebook. Which reminds me the relationship of LinkedIn and Twitter. I don’t even realize I’m also updating twitter when I update the current activity on LinkedIn. Anyway, that saves me the trouble to go to Twitter.com

Here is where I found the plug-in: Download from Windows Live Gallery.

It works on Windows 7 64-bits!

Nothing will happen just after you installed the plugin. The next time you publish a post with Windows Live Writer, when publishing, a prompt will appear asking you if you would like to connect facebook. It’s that simple!

For how to install and use Windows Live Writer check an earlier post on my blog: Windows Live Writer Try Out.

The keyboard shortcut launched screensaver + screen lock solution (Windows 7)


In office, it’s quite common to just walk away from the desk and computer for a while from 1 minutes to several hours. Meanwhile how about the computer screen? Lock it! Here is why:

When I still worked for Philips, there is a colleague who went for lunch without locking his screen. When he came back from lunch he was fairly shocked to see that his screen was up-side-down. At the end, he had to turn the screen up-side-down physically. Of course, eventually he managed to set his screen back.

It was set by another colleague. At first thought, it was a pretty nasty joke, but with the second thought, it made a perfectly good point. It is a way of saying: “You must protect your screen whenever you’re away.” You never know what will happen and who will come around.

Anyway, I DO understand the importance of locking my screen up. However, I recent the boring “Locked” screen. Thus I found a script that locks the screen with Google screen saver.

::initiate screensaver of choice

"C:\Windows\SysWOW64\GPhotos.scr" /s

::lock the workstation

%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

From now I can already double click to launch the script.

However, what I want is to use keyboard shortcut to launch it. Here is the solution:

  • Create a shortcut of the script;
  • move the shortcut on the desktop;
  • right-click the shortcut to access it’s Properties;
  • specified the key combination