Illustrator: Create a new document based on a customised profile


You can create a new document in Illustrator, you can choose the profile of that new document. In the newly created file, all symbols, swatches and Artboards will be the same as the template.


If you save an *.ai, or *.ait (illustrator template) file in the right place, you will see this template in this list as well.

Here is the place:

Users > $your_user_name# > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe Illustrator $version number# > $language# > New Document Profiles


Now, give it a try!!


Illustrator CC: More or less than 10 items in “Open Recent Files” list


Open the “Adobe Illustrator Prefs” file with a plain text editor.

You need to right click the file and choose a plain text editor application for this file.
If you just double click, the system will use Illustrator to open it and you will only see a simple and pretty useless dialog.

(If you don’t know how to access to this file, please read my previous post: Access to Illustrator Preferences Files on Mac OS)

In the “Adobe Illustrator Prefs” file, search for:


The only thing you need to do is change the number to the right of this command AND save.
Logically if you change it to “0”, the application should stop storing any recent files.

Now restart Illustrator, you can see the number of recent files change.

Access to Illustrator CC Preferences Files in Mac OS


Every online instruction would tell you to access this folder:
/Users/Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator 17 Settings/en_US/Adobe Illustrator Prefs

Access Library folder

However, by default the “Library” folder is hidden.
At least two ways you can access this hidden folder without changing any system preferences:

  1. Simply type “Library” in Spotlight
  2. In Terminal type:
    Open Library

Find & Open the Preference File

In the now opened “Library” folder, you can find the “Adobe Illustrator Prefs” file under: “Preferences/Adobe Illustrator 17 Settings/xx_xx/” folder. If you have another version of Illustrator, well, just find the folder with your version number.
The “xx_xx” here is the language and country code. For example: “en_US“, “en_GB“, etc. That depends on the language you’ve chosen when you installed Illustrator.

Make sure you open the “Adobe Illustrator Prefs” file with a text editing tool (Right-click & choose a plain text editor). The default application for this file is Illustrator and you will only get a simple and also pretty useless dialog.